About Us



Here’s the thing - spreading happiness never gets old!

These days people have too many materialistic possessions, not enough happiness, and definitely not enough memories.


Hi, my name is Brett and Flip and I run the website Flip To Yellow for one reason - to share my love of The Simpsons.

Flip To Yellow was born with a simple mission - To help people create more happy memories that can be shared with their loved ones!

And what better way to do that than creating art revolving around one of the most iconic cartoons ever created - The Simpsons!

At Flip To Yellow, we not only strive to help you surprise your loved ones with unique gifts and delightful portraits, but we’re also democratizing the online art and hand-drawn cartoon industry. 

Every purchase made on the website goes a long way in helping independent artists pursue their passion, and do what they do best!

Join us on this journey today to turn 10,000 yellow people by 2030.

For ideas, comments, partnership opportunities, or just to say Hello - Feel free to get in touch! We’re always excited to hear from fellow ‘The Simpsons’ enthusiasts!